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Zhu Tian Ji [Return of Gods]

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Status: Ongoing Network: Studio: Dirilis: Jan 28, 2022 Negara: Tipe: Donghua Episode: 40 Fansub: Kazefuri Diposting oleh: kazeryou Dirilis: Terakhir diedit:
Tonton streaming Zhu Tian Ji [Return of Gods] Subtitle Indonesia di Kazefuri. kamu juga bisa download gratis Zhu Tian Ji [Return of Gods] Sub Indo, jangan lupa ya untuk nonton streaming online berbagai kualitas 720P 360P 240P 480P sesuai koneksi kamu untuk menghemat kuota internet, Zhu Tian Ji [Return of Gods] di Kazefuri MP4 MKV hardsub softsub subtitle bahasa Indonesia sudah terdapat di dalam video.

Sinopsis Zhu Tian Ji [Return of Gods]

Legend has it that whenever Heiyuan appears in the world, there will be a catastrophe of the heavens that destroy the heavens and the world and restarts the universe. Lin Fei, a young man, was unable to cultivate due to a defect in his veins and relied on his smarts to muddle through in the Sword Sect until the Great Tribulation came and his mentor and best friend died in the Heiyuan. He went through danger and found a new way, learned the ancient art of refining tools to avenge his master, and perished with the devil Yuanhuang. Unexpectedly, because of the interference of the mysterious power, he was reborn in the new era. In order to protect Wen Jianzong, which was passed down by mysterious people from the catastrophe, and so that the same tragedy will not happen again, Lin Fei decided to start from a marginal disciple, cultivate the way of swords, cluster the power of Ying, break the catastrophe of the Heavenly Dao, and renew the flame of civilization.

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Episode Zhu Tian Ji [Return of Gods]

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