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Epic of Divinity Light

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Status: Completed Network: Studio: Dirilis: Jul 15, 2021 Durasi: 20 Menit Tipe: Donghua Episode: 12 Fansub: Kazefuri Diposting oleh: Lin Rei Dirilis: Terakhir diedit:
Tonton streaming Epic of Divinity Light Subtitle Indonesia di Kazefuri. kamu juga bisa download gratis Epic of Divinity Light Sub Indo, jangan lupa ya untuk nonton streaming online berbagai kualitas 720P 360P 240P 480P sesuai koneksi kamu untuk menghemat kuota internet, Epic of Divinity Light di Kazefuri MP4 MKV hardsub softsub subtitle bahasa Indonesia sudah terdapat di dalam video.

Sinopsis Epic of Divinity Light

Thousands of years ago, the land of China was filled with the spiritual energy of heaven and earth, and those who could exorcise this energy for their own use were exorcists, whose mission was to stop the once-in-a-millennium heavenly demons from plaguing the world. However, during the Han dynasty, the spiritual energy of heaven and earth disappeared overnight, which was known as the “silence of all laws”. In order to stop the conspiracy, Chen Xing, the last great exorcist in the world, took the treasure “Heart Lantern”, which had been deposited in his soul, and set out for Xiangyang to find the Dharma Guardian, the god of war, who was destined to work with him to exorcise the demons.

Download Epic of Divinity Light

Episode 1-12

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  1. LuLin says:

    Kyahhh <3, makasih sudah ambil project ini min!!!! xoxo

  2. King Lullac says:

    kapan up kak kok masih upcoming ? ku kira udah bisa di puter 🙁

  3. Say says:

    Anjay asik ni donghua cuk

  4. Hualianlovers says:

    Min koq link download nya gak bisa ya.. makasih min dah garap..

    1. Lin Rei says:

      lg maintenance

  5. Hualianlovers says:

    Di tunggu Eps 04 nya min

  6. herazav says:

    ep 4 kapan di up?

    1. Lin Rei says:

      Lagi proses gan

  7. Ya ya ya says:

    Ep 5 kapan terbit, min?

  8. Diana says:

    Tolong update min

  9. Li Yi Feng says:

    Selalu di nanti

  10. karin says:

    nunggu episode 7 rilis sudah dua bulan lamanya… hiks hiks hiks

  11. Diana says:

    Kapan up min lama nunggu 🙏🙏

    1. Lin Rei says:

      Blum rilis dari studionya

  12. SkyAndMoon says:


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